TransDoc — ECI leverages an online translation platform to provide online translation tools and tutorials for our translators, giving them a wider range of tools and offering more opportunities for cooperation.

Convenient Translation Platform

Simply click the translation link to open the translation interface in your browser, and start translating. Without the need to prepare translation environments, you can access advanced translation services such as translation memories (TMs), termbases, and machine translation tools. Your translation progress is saved in real time, and you will automatically return to where you left off the next time you open the page. This means you can schedule your work more flexibly and increase your productivity.

Real-time Online TMs and Termbases

The pre-configured TMs and termbases give you instant access to specialized, field-specific translation assets. The intuitive shortcuts will further enhance your translation efficiency and accuracy. You can easily use the concordance and keyword search functions to find relevant content in the TM.

Machine Translation Integrations

Our system integrates some of the best machine translation engines, such as Google, Atman, and DeepL. The instant display of machine translation results gives you a useful reference during the translation process, effectively improving your productivity.

Flexible and Efficient Editor

In the editor, you can quickly identify tags and texts and easily adjust the positions of tags and texts by simple editing or drag-and-drop operations. The tag highlighting function allows you to quickly identify corresponding tags in the source translation or tag pairs. By displaying hidden characters, you can quickly see spaces, non-breaking spaces, line breaks, and tabs in the editor, making them much easier to work with.

Transdoc — More flexible translation tools and more cooperation opportunities

More TransDoc Advantages

1. TransDoc Shortcuts

Use shortcuts to complete common actions for a smoother translation experience.

2. Segment Filtering and Find & Replace

Quickly find what you are looking for, and make global changes efficiently.

3. Intelligent Translation Propagation

Too many repeated segments? Translation propagation saves you from repetitive work. This function provides a variety of options, allowing you to control the direction and conditions of propagation, and automatically replaces variables such as dates and numeric values.

4. Document QA Check

This function provides a quick quality check for the entire document, so you can quickly find translation errors before submitting your work.

5. Personalization Settings

You can personalize a wide range of settings, such as the font size and content layout, to meet your individual needs.