EC Innovations Announces Success of Its First Finance Translation Training Program

EC Innovations has always been committed to breaking language barriers and promoting technology diffusion. In May 2022, EC Innovations’ Finance BU launched its first Translation Training Program. This training program aims to improve our translators’ knowledge and skills, provide them with more project opportunities and help us collaborate better with them.

Our training program was available in 11 languages, including Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Turkish, Korean and Japanese. Throughout the one-month training, EC Innovations invited linguists to give in-depth analysis and explanations on technical manuals, related terminology and translation skills in finance translation through online conferences. The training program also provided participants with the opportunity to share their insights and experiences with each other.

All the participants improved their professionalism in training and their overall ability in practice. At the end of the program, more than 50 translators had successfully completed the training.

Additionally, the EC Innovations Finance BU conducted an assessment of our long-term financial translators in October and awarded certificates to outstanding translators. There are three levels of certification–Gold (expert linguists), Silver (senior linguists) and Bronze (experienced linguists). 109 translators were certified in recognition of their ability to produce flexible translations in the field of financial projects, including 34 Gold, 29 Silver and 46 Bronze translators.

It is worth mentioning that the participants indicated that they benefited significantly from the training experience as they gained practical knowledge and skills about finance translation. The translators who received certificates were delighted and looked forward to further cooperation with EC Innovations.

At EC Innovations, every translator’s progress is important to us. We plan to organize more activities in the future to support our translators to move forward in their localization careers.

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