EC Innovations Acquires Leading Game Localization Provider, Character Localization

EC Innovations, a fast-growing global language service provider, announced today its acquisition of Character Localization, the Nordic’s leading game localization service provider.

In a joint effort, both parties look to build upon each other’s reputation for quality and client-orientation, as well as synergize off each other’s regional leadership positions in the games localization and services space.

Character Localization was founded in 2010 by Morten Skovgaard and Renée Jessen as a language service provider focused primarily on video game localization and dubbing into Danish. The company quickly expanded to all Nordic languages and, eventually, to “as many languages as they could find cool people to work with.”

Mixing the love of games with the love of language is at the core of Character. Always in close contact with its clients, Character makes sure everyone in the localization process — from the translators and PMs to the localization team on the client side — is aiming for the same goal: Best. Possible. Localization.

Character will continue to be led by its two founding partners, Renée and Morten, who will join forces with ECI’s games division leadership to strategize for expansion of capabilities, team, branding, and client relationships.

EC Innovations and Character look to empower each other’s growth by sharing resources in all facets — operations, marketing, and technology — and unify as one integrated solution for delivering better games services and client experiences globally.

Renée said that “from our first meeting with ECI, it was clear we shared the same game localization values and focus on customers and quality. The decision to join forces was never a difficult one as both companies will benefit greatly from this acquisition. We really look forward to exploring all the new possibilities ahead of us.”

EC Innovations Founder and CEO, James Wei, stated, “We firmly believe that the acquisition of Character Localization marks only the beginning of a long-lasting collaboration and partnership of growth and improvement. We look forward to working with Character in a united effort to tackle challenges and provide better joint services to our global markets.”

EC Innovations was advised by SlatorGrant Thornton Denmark, and law firm GALST. Character Localization was represented by law firm DAHL.

About Character Localization

Character Localization is a game localization service provider based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company is an internationally recognized boutique-style solution for translation and audio for entertainment and technology products, primarily video games, apps and podcasts for 30+ languages. Through more than a decade, Character has developed a strong brand as a loyal, solid, and trusted partner for all localization needs with a committed collective of experienced and skilled translators and project managers.

About EC Innovations and ECI’s Games Divisions

EC Innovations was founded in 1997 and had since helped many global industry leaders overcome their language barriers in long standing partnerships. EC Innovations has grown since into a global language partner with a total of 10 strategic global offices, 700 full-time employees, offering full localization support into 130+ languages and 260 locales. With its proven quality-oriented workflows and teams originally focused in the regulated and technical space, EC Innovations established its Games Division in 2014. Now fueled by creativity, passion and compassion for games development, ECI Games quickly won the trust of top global publishers and developers and is now viewed as a leading APAC solution for game localization.

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